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Website News: Forum integration update
Wednesday 21 September 2016 - 11:18:21
Howdy fellow gamers!

It's been a while since the website got some of my loving.
So to pick up my work after a whole bunch of real life struggles (which are not over yet).
I've chosen to start redoing the forum integration.
We all know or at least the ones who have tried to use it, that it was far from an ideal integration.
The old integration method made the forum load fairly slow and impractical.

In the past I relied on an using an iframe to integrate the forums which has a lot of drawbacks.
Where as now I've redone the phpbb's forum style so looks exactly the same as the website.

Begone you evil iframe!

While I was at it i upped the private message inbox volume on the forum
from 50 to 500 messages. A nice upgrade i would say.

As well I'll continue to overhaul the styling of the forums so it feels like a whole
experience without any weird style breaches.

Peace out and lot's of happy gaming hours to all of you fine people!

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Misc: DayZ Launcher has now been fixed!
Thursday 18 August 2016 - 23:29:49

Hi folks, some issues with a recent DayZ Launcher update has prevented many players from joining our NPG Server. I have reached out to the DayZ Launcher dev team to get this rectified ASAP.

For now please use this temporary workaround to successfully join our server again:


This issue has now been fixed by the DayZ Launcher devs, please resume using DayZ Launcher as normal!

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Server News: Regular vehicle reset every Friday during AM GMT
Thursday 21 July 2016 - 10:45:04
Just a quick heads up, we'll be carrying out a regular vehicle reset every Friday during the AM.
This means all vehicles will move back to default spawn locations at this time and with 100% health needing no repairs/fuel!!

This should help everyone who is having transport issues in the server over the weekend and well into the week. As an added bonus we'll be increasing public vehicle spawns in the server from 500 to 600 vehicles!!
The extra 100 vehicles with be a mixture of ground/air/water based vehicles.

if anyone has any questions regarding this or anything server related contact an admin via the ts3/forum or steam.
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Misc: Server DDOS attacks 25th June 2016 (Mitigation Systems Holding!)
Saturday 25 June 2016 - 16:44:16

Hi folks, just a quick update to let you know that we have recently been victim to successive waves of DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks. These attacks seem focused on our Arma 2 DayZ servers (PVP 1 and 2).

Thankfully we have a very good system in place that I have currently been monitoring all through out the days for a week or so now and although I am noticing greatly increased traffic and packets due to these attacks, our mitigation systems are holding!

You might notice a slight increase in your ping to the servers, however the lag should be minimal.

If anyone is experiencing much higher than normal desync, then please let us know!

We apologise in advance if we experience any unscheduled downtime on our servers, but rest assured that we are trying our best to stay on top of these attacks!
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Ark: Have you tried our ARK Survival Evolved Servers yet?
Sunday 19 June 2016 - 22:31:04
Perhaps you tried it? or perhaps you are thinking about it or... perhaps you didnt even know about it!

Our Ark servers have 60 slots, increased harvest and xp rates have been boosted to allow you to fast track to rule the dinosaur island, taming has also been boosted making it faster than ever to tame those dino's you really want. Our server uses stack mod for help with weight limitation and to tidy up those inventories and storage boxes.
We have recently implemented a castle mod allowing you to construct castle like structures in the server. Our beacons drop mod makes racing to the beacons more fun as you can find some really nice gear including ascendant items not usually found in normal servers.

We have a friendly group of players on both servers willing to help out and because of our offline raid protection feature there are no headaches when it comes to worrying if you will be raided offline as you wont be due to this feature. If you are struggling there is even an offer of a free starter dino just to get you started in either server.

Give it a try, you might like it! The server can be found by searching in unofficial servers for noobsplayground or npg. 1 server runs the Center map the other runs the Island map.
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Server News: Kamikaze rule REMOVED
Monday 28 March 2016 - 12:27:34
Just a quick update. After a long discussion over the weekend amongst the admin team we have decided to remove the kamikaze rule!

Kamikaze on private houses/bases is still forbidden although anything else go's. Have fun!
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Server News: Server changes (IP)
Tuesday 01 March 2016 - 13:21:41
Changing hardware and ip
Before going into detail about the comming changes regarding our ip and server i wish to
thank all our donators! Without you guys there would not be a noobsplayground to play on.

Thanks again and i hope we can all enjoy playing on noobsplayground for a long time to come.

Now the main part for this news.
We have decided to replace our old dedicated server for a brand new model tailored for
hosting multiplayer game servers.
We are very exited to be able to get this new dedicated server.
Our old dedicated server has a E3 Xeon (3,4Ghz) cpu and we are replacing it with an i7-4790K (4,4Ghz)
Wich should be ''alot'' better for gaming purposes. The only downside to it whas that we are going to change ip's.

All your game progress will be transfered over to the new servers when we finalise the move over.
We will be making the move over at 21h GMT

This is the new data for our servers:



TS3: or ts.noobsplayground.co.uk

Servertitle change
Aswell i want to let you guys know that we are changing the server titles
so dont be confused about this, we think that it will be better for the player numbers
to revert back to using the full community name over the abreviation.

NEW: NoobsPlayGround PVP1...

We look forward to see you all on our new servers.
The NPG Admin Team

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Misc: NPG ARK : Survival Evolved SERVER IS UP!
Sunday 21 February 2016 - 16:46:57
Hey guys its been awhile since we at noobsplayground introduced a new server.
I'm proud to announce the re-launch of our Ark Survival Evolved server
You can find the server by filtering noobsplayground in unofficial servers. 
The server will feature: 
*60 Player Slots 
*Increased gather rates to 3x, Fast xp levelling 3x, Fast taming x3. 
*Player max level set to 140 and Dino Max level set to 160 to make balance sensible. 
*Stargates have been placed at various location around the map for everyone to use to fast travel around the map, simply use the DHD at the stargate to select your location and activate and walk through. 
*Storage mod which allows smaller safes and storage cupboards and displays you can find these in your engrams. 
*Better loot drops with a chance to find rare items not usually found in the game! 
*Bridge mod which will allow you to construct bridges to cross ravines, canyons and rivers easier. 
*Stacking mod to tidy up those inventories and storage cupboards making things easier to find and sort.[/i]
Thats all for now but we are open to suggestions as to what you guys would like to see added to the server in the future. 
Rules are on the website please follow these to avoid issues, dedicated player admins for ark will be Gartho, Steamz, Santa_Dwarf. These admins can be contacted via ingame/ts3/steam. 
To report server issues/bugs please contact any admin on the ts3/steam or let us know via the forum.
Thursday 28 January 2016 - 23:30:30
Due to several complaints and a short 3 day discussion amongst the admin team we have re-instated the NO kamikaze rule. This will apply to both servers and anyone caught/reported for breaking this rule will be banned without warning. No one is immune to this rule as a word of warning so be good and enjoy our servers. We have updated the rules page to ascertain this.
Misc: NPG Server DayZ Launcher Changes
Saturday 19 December 2015 - 14:42:55

Hi folks! As most of you will have noticed, there was an update to Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA yesterday. This messed with a couple of things server side and has briefly caused our servers to disappear from DayZ Launcher.

They should slowly be showing up again now, however you will need to search for them again (Just search using 'NPG') and re-favorite now!

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